Worthy of this Space

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‘I am worthy of this space’ is what I kept repeating in my mind today as I moved around in a bikini on the beach. I am worthy of taking up my spot on the sand regardless of the well-known terrified voice in my head  – the voice that spits through gritted teeth ‘people are going to SEE you…see your enormous dimpled thighs and skin that wobbles’.

My new voice calmly but sternly said, ‘Let. Them. See’.

I will no longer be held ransom by my inner mean girl. My sassy gal tossed off her towel, took a deep breath and walked strongly into the water toward my gorgeous young daughters who haven’t yet created their own internal damning whispers. They just know their bodies through glorified skun knees and bike-stack bruises…not through self-questioning about whether they are ‘good enough’ to wear a bikini.

I will keep showing up and wearing clothes that make me feel beautiful and comfortable even with my extra curves on show. I am worthy of the space in which I stand. It’s taken me many moons of personal reflections to get me to this place and it’s life-long work. I do it for my beautiful children, and for anyone who second guesses living a vibrant life full of fabulous experiences because of their encroaching inner critic. You are worthy. You are good enough.

Along with beautifully exfoliated sand kissed feet, salty eyelashes and a massive grin on my face I also came away from the beach with a splendid shell. It is cracked and tumbled but I love it as it’s ‘perfectly imperfect’. So today was anything but imperfect…it was a stunning diamond day with my gorgeous family. Here’s to showing up and knowing you are worthy! Ailsa x

Ailsa Robson – Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

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*P.S. ‘Thirsty’ for praise, I am not…so please don’t feel you need to comment on how I look. How I feel, and how you feel, is what is important xx


Ailsa Robson (MCouns & Psych Th) has a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Adelaide and sees clients in both Stirling and Brighton, South Australia. She is the author of Perfectly Imperfect.

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