When you feel judged remember…

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It’s none of my business what people think of me.

Say it with me!!
You do not have control over what others think of you.
Often our concerns about other people’s opinions have been fabricated in our own minds.
So when you find yourself overthinking what someone may, or may not, be thinking about you remember that it’s out of your control, so therefore #noneofyourbusiness
Let it go. Breathe.
Focus instead on your passions & purpose.
Go forth, be kind (to yourself & others) and remember that everyone is simply doing their best.
I wish you a peaceful mind 💗
Ailsa x

If you need some help working on this…you know where to reach me. email: robson.ailsa@gmail.com

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Ailsa Robson (MCouns & Psych Th) has a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Adelaide and sees clients in both Stirling and Brighton, South Australia. She is the author of Perfectly Imperfect.

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