Things I’ve learnt being in physical pain

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Five things I’ve learned from being in pain


Being in pain is a lonely place to be: as much as those that love you can try to alleviate your discomfort only YOU are experiencing it -in your own unique body & mind. Breathe and trust that it will shift or pass.


The battle isn’t with your body…it’s with your mind: scary thoughts breed in the grips of pain, especially in the quiet and dark of night. Funny stuff also seeps through, so cack yourself laughing whenever you find yourself in an awkward position that can be turned into comedy gold!


The concentration of pain also helps you to concentrate on being thankful for small joys, wins or blessings. i.e. For me heat packs are pillows of joy


There is always someone in worse pain: be grateful for your life and be more empathetic towards others.


Speak up for yourself and obtain as much knowledge as you need to help make informed medical choices. Don’t ever apologise for asking questions and advocating for yourself!

My recent experience of having spinal fusion surgery in my neck is serious, but it is simply structural. I will heal and the pain will fade, others I know have ongoing pain. I wish them love through their experiences xx

I am blessed with incredible family, friends, neighbours, work mates and clients who continue to support me through this.

Need some support?

I am here though for anyone who is struggling with pain and wants to talk. If you need someone to witness your story with empathy. If you’re feeling well enough, we can always make it extra beneficial, with a walk & talk session out in the fresh air.

Call me on 0409868886 to book.

With warm heat bag kinda comforting vibes from Ailsa x

Ailsa Robson (MCouns & Psych Th) has a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Adelaide and sees clients in both Stirling and Brighton, South Australia. She is the author of Perfectly Imperfect.

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