The Love Peg

by | Feb 25, 2021

For all the parents and beautiful kids struggling with school nerves xx ・・・ I fixed my sobbing child with a peg….not just any peg – a LOVE peg! 💖 My daughter Tess was sad and teary just before she caught the bus to school. She didn’t want to go. She said she didn’t want to leave me. I quickly told her I had a special gift for her, and scrounged through my car to find….. a peg -a pink peg to be exact. I explained it wasn’t just any old peg as I kissed it all over, instilling all my love into it – it was a love peg and it was going to help her get through the day. She looked dubious but her tears stopped and she smiled at her odd, but loving Mummy. I asked if she’d like to pop it in her pocket, and keep it there secretly knowing that it would give her strength and love, and that we’d be together again in only a few hours time. She said yes, popped it in her pocket, dried her eyes, gave me a big hug and kiss and sped off to the bus. The anchor worked. She had it in her pocket all day and it made her happy. I asked if she told anyone about it and she said no, because ‘it was a bit silly mummy’ (yep, I’m sure the therapist’s daughter will be seeking her own therapy one day, lol) I talk to my clients often about the effectiveness of psychological anchors and certainly use them myself. Why is this helpful for you? You can do this for your child, a friend or for yourself anytime. Especially if you’re heading into a challenging situation and you need a reminder of all that you’re grateful for in your life – your loved ones and your purpose. Some folk like to carry crystals, some small toys, or the luckiest of us use household objects such as pegs 😉 (because that’s all that was on hand) Maybe try it out yourself when you need some extra secret strength to get you through a moment in time. Hold the object whilst concentrating on a good feeling/memory, really sink into it and instill it into that object – allow it to then anchor you back to that good feeling whenever you need to. I hope this is helpful for you. Much love and strength through the tough times. Ailsa x