SAW Australia Awards Review: Ailsa’s good, bad and ugly moments!

by | Nov 29, 2019

SAW Australia Awards Review: Ailsa’s good, bad and ugly moments!
Post 1: The high!

Last nights #sawomanawards2019 was just BRILLIANT!!
We celebrated each and every SAW member’s achievements as women in business in South Australia, and we celebrated in absolute style at the Stamford Grand Glenelg.

Everyone that was nominated for an award, the finalists, and the winners were incredibly well deserving and as always I felt so PROUD of the talented women in business in this state of South Australia!

Hats off to all the people that made this event happen because it was truly glorious.
The loving atmosphere lifting us all up was created by heartfelt connections in the room and beyond.

It’s been an honour to immerse myself in the SAW community as a member, a connector in two regions, and as a sponsor of the heart award. Special thanks to you for sending Anita and I out with lots of big hugs.
We hosted 7 events over 6 months, and at those events 110 SA women in business connected with each other!

We have formed countless new friendships with other SAWers and have loved contributing to the fabulous heartfelt SAW community.

I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for SA Woman…and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

To all my fellow SAW friends thanks from my heart to yours. You’ve personally added so much joy to my life and I look forward to many, many years of true connection, collaboration and friendship with you all
Love Ailsa xx
Special shout outs to Anita and Kathy for being my divine co-connector pals xx
And Carly – I am in awe of your vision, your compassion and your care. Thank you for dreaming this community into life ❤️ xx

💫Special thanks to my dear friend Nikki for making Aerlie and I look so glamorous and for bringing so much fun and joy to my life- blessed to have you as a friend xx 💫

SAW Australia Awards Review
Post 2: What goes up must come down…
Last night’s SA Woman Australia awards was one of the highlights of my year.

I explained why it was so epic above but maybe the group shot gives you an idea of the brilliant energy that was bursting in the room as 200 people celebrated the achievements of an incredible group of South Australian women in business!

The first picture is of me the day before- when I couldn’t for the life of me stop crying (all day). Life can be tough, marriage can be tough and sometimes I end up on the floor bawling. That was Tuesday- so after a big sleep on Wednesday I felt better, though still somewhat emotionally ‘scuffed’.

I was then wrapped up in love, some fake tan, big hair, red lipstick and a curve hugging dress and off I trotted to the ball! Then I proceeded to enjoy every second of the awards night and finished off quietly reminiscing in the early hours of the morning with my dear friend Aerlie.

Today I have woken filled with thanks and with a calmed heart lulled by the ocean. Carly came by to see my new counselling pad at Glenelg and chill with me a while too which was divine. 💗

We spoke about lots of things but as we did I had the overwhelming feeling that everything was in flow, and I could surrender into gratitude for all the emotions I’ve felt these past three days.

I have felt utter despair and fear, excitement and elation, calm and compassion but most of all I have felt LOVED through it all.

That is what I give thanks with all my heart and soul, for the people in my life that love me when I’m ugly crying, partying like crazy or mooching reflectively by the ocean.
You are what makes my world turn.
I love you and I thank you ❤️
& for everyone out there thinking thank god she ugly cries too- I hear you & I’ve got you too!
Love Ailsa (the good the bad and the ugly versions) xx