Perfectly Imperfect – Paperback


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This is a book for women who wish they had ‘better’ bodies, relationships, and lives but are savvy enough to know there is no such thing as perfection. Take a peek inside the life and mind of a chick who balances berating herself, with counting blessings, as she shares stories she never thought would go to print.

Ailsa bares all in her raw journal entries written whilst raising her babies, often alone, due to her husband’s Fly In and Fly Out (FIFO) work commitments. She reflects on the golden and gut-wrenching moments of mothering and life, whilst contemplating how she feels about her ever-changing body.

If you hate dieting and yearn to like yourself more, feel stuck in your own unrealistic expectations, and spend more time caring for others than yourself; you are not alone.

Ailsa offers an alternative to striving to be the best version of yourself ‒ instead embrace your dodgy bits and give thanks.