I see you…
You’ve been feeling stuck for sometime.
You want to gain more clarity in your life and feel lighter and less burdened.
You know you have layers of stories to unpack but you’re not sure where to start.
You are willing though, and absolutely ready for positive change.

Does this also resonate?

You avoid sharing your most difficult thoughts with others in case you worry them, or they give you unwanted advice.
You know it’s important to invest in your own self-care, but you’re too busy putting other people’s needs first.
You often have good intentions to explore what’s holding you back, but become overwhelmed and uncomfortable, and find yourself slipping back into being ‘too busy’ to face it.


I’m Ailsa Robson and I’m ready to genuinely listen to your stories, whilst we unpack what is concerning you.
I’m a compassionate ally, always encouraging, raw and real, and have a healthy sense of humour.
You may have already met or worked with me, and you’re keen to immerse yourself on a journey of self discovery with me by your side.
I’m here to travel with you and help make uncomfortable moments more comfortable, whilst you integrate positive change in your life.
Most importantly I understand that this is not my work, it’s yours. I’m here to witness your challenges and your wins.
I’m a qualified and experienced psychotherapist who can help you to untangle yourself from unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, so you can become more confident, and happier within yourself and in your relationships.
I offer Walk and Talk Therapy and in my experience walking side by side will promote equality in our therapeutic relationship. Our sessions in nature will support mindfulness and the gentle exercise will also benefit your overall sense of wellbeing.
I also provide an empowering ‘ride’ 🙂 and tangible opportunities for you to test out new ways of showing up in your life.
I work with people who are stuck on one or several of these aspects:

in their self confidence

in their relationships

in their parenting

in loss and grief

and in emotional stress

If this is speaking to you, I offer a small number of Immersion Packages.

Each package is a three month immersion and journey together consisting of Walk and Talk sessions, phone calls and check ins via text or email.
Throughout your package you’ll have countless opportunities to unpack what is making you feel stuck, and explore how you’d prefer your life to be, whilst being supported by me.
I will hold space and pace with you as we navigate important change in your life.
I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the demands of a new endeavour, so instead of asking more of you, pressure will be released through our compassionate conversations.
This will create space in your mind so you can tap back into your values and purpose and enjoy being inspired.
I will provide you bite-sized, easily digestible tips and techniques to use in your day to day life.
The resources provided will be tailored to your personal needs, and ready to add to your own collection of helpful links, books, services and information.
I look forward our journey together and of course when the package ends, I’m still available to work with through more therapy or group events.
On completion of the three months my clients are often surprised by the seemingly easy and consistent shifts they’ve made, and how they’re  making big differences in their lives.
If you choose this package you will:
  • practice speaking your truth and gain more clarity about what you want in life.
  • begin creating healthy boundaries where you notice your energy being sapped.
  • gain more self confidence along the way.
  • notice your needs are being met more easily.

Your package consists of:

  • Four Psychotherapy sessions (1:1 walk and talk, in my consulting room or via zoom) spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Regular 30 minute check in phone calls (held on the weeks we don’t have a 1:1 session, & spaced 1 or 2 weeks apart)
  • Unlimited email or SMS correspondence between us.
  • Mindset tools to take home, trial and integrate into your day to day life.
  • Customised resources, that I’ll personally collate for you. Each resource will relate to topics raised within our weekly conversations and at the end of the 12 weeks you will have a collation of links and resources that you can revisit at any time.
  • A signed copy of my book, Perfectly Imperfect: Raw reflections on body image, mothering, love and loneliness (that you don’t usually share).
  • One ‘wrap up and reflect’ session at the end of our three months. We’ll enjoy a short walk and talk, then finish with time together over coffee or lunch depending on your schedule. I’ll provide you with an overview of what we’ve covered, and you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on the outcomes of our work together.


Throughout the 12 weeks and beyond you will immerse yourself and learn various aspects behind the difficult stories in your life.

  • You’ll gain a consistent and supportive therapeutic relationship with me, where you can explore your future goals.
  • You will challenge preconceived ideas about your problems.
  • You will hone your curiosity and learn to externalise your inner critic’s voice.
  • You will begin to trust in yourself more.
  • Your relationships will gain clarity, and your communication will become more effective.
  • The positive changes you notice within yourself will ripple out to your loved ones.
  • You will feel seen, listened to, and supported.
  • You will feel lighter and more empowered.


Packages are limited in availability due to the time I invest in each person’s journey.

If this feels right for you, please book a free phone chat with me.
Cost: $1950.00
per package (instalment payments available)


Over an initial 20 min phone chat, you and Ailsa can determine if this package is suitable for your needs.




Therapy sessions and phone check-ins to be scheduled over a three month (12 week) period and cannot be rescheduled outside of this time frame.

* *This ensures a consist flow during the therapeutic process.

Face to face therapy sessions offered Wed- Fri 8am – 3pm (Adelaide time) Phone check-in calls offered Mon – Fri 8am- 3pm (Adelaide time)

Unlimited email and SMS correspondence offered during business hours.

Payment may be made via Square or PayPal. Otherwise I can supply you with an invoice and my EFT details to reduce your card transaction fees. I am more than happy for you to pay in instalments, without any additional charges.

Please get in touch with me to discuss details.

Immersion Package with Ailsa Robson

As of October 2021

Over an initial 20 min phone chat, you and Ailsa can determine if this package is suitable for your needs.