I don’t need a hero

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Footloose has a lot to answer for!

Actually Bonnie Tyler’s song ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ is the main culprit today.

“I need a hero.

He’s gotta be strong,

he’s gotta be fast,

and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight.

I need a hero.

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light.”

Clearly it was late at night and, Bonnie was just feeling damn frisky, but those lyrics burned into my young girl’s brain, and I still feel I need to be rescued by ‘someone’ when I hear it.

What’s with that?!

I certainly knew, even then, as a young girl that I had the chance to create my own destiny, but it’s only now that I know I can also be my own hero. I don’t need to wait for anyone to show up and save me. I have the ability to face whatever is coming at me in life; grief, anger, sadness, hurt. Sometimes I can beat it, other times I just need to lean into it, but I have the power to tangle with those nasty feelings, and I don’t need to ride on a white horse to do it.

In reality, the only thing I do have in common with the song is my morning hair can sometimes rival Bonnie’s massive 80’s do in her film clip, and we both like maxi dresses.

The other powerful message I found in the lyrics is that my ‘adult’ self is watching over her younger self and wants to let her know that she has her back….

“Up where the mountains meet the heavens above

Out where the lightning splits the sea

I could swear there is someone, somewhere

Watching me

Through the wind, and the chill, and the rain

And the storm, and the flood

I can feel (her) approach like a fire in my blood”.

Yep, that’s just your own fire, young Ailsa…use it wisely and never forget that you have it within yourself to be your own hero!!

Onwards and upwards.

If you are battling with something, and you want to discover your own heroic powers, then I’d love to work with you.

Counselling sessions are booked by appointment: one on one, via Skype or Walk and Talk Therapy.

*If you need an 80’s musical fix here’s Bonnie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWcASV2sey0 
or the Footloose scene:

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