Group Walk and Talks 2020

by | Dec 7, 2019

Group Walk and Talks 2020

Uraidla you certainly turned up the gorgeous weather & amazing views on Thursday on our group social walk and talk!

Once again our small walking group connected easily and genuinely over our heartfelt and often hilarious conversations.

We strode 4kms and took in so many gorgeous valley views.

I wasn’t quite sure how these walking groups would be received, but they make me happy and the feedback I’m getting is they make others really happy too!

We book out time for ourselves walking for an hour & then having coffee together; in that time we honour our own needs and also learn that we have shared stories that make us human.

It’s not a therapy session but it’s absolutely therapeutic.
I’ll be locking in more 2020 walking group dates in the Hills and by the Beach soon (follow me on Eventbrite to keep in the loop)

If there are places you’d like to walk, let me know- I may even arrange a longer stroll one day and explore a few towns in a particular area. Anything is possible- all we need is good company, our leggy legs and off we go!

The walking pace of the group will vary, but no-one will be left behind. Compassion and connection is the focus, not competition or counting steps or calories. It will be an inclusive, weight-neutral space.

What you get out of it:
• a planned and booked hour long walk (that isn’t difficult)
• some company and a chance to connect
• head space in nature
• sweet post-walk endorphins
• the option of a coffee together afterwards

Extra benefits that may occur on the walks: seeds may be sown in your mind and form into new ideas, adventures, and ways of being plus you may meet some new friends.

Come join me in 2020.