Compassionate Conversations with Ailsa Robson

Ever-evolving themes

Some themes are appearing about the wonderful folk I’m interviewing – they are a somewhat rebellious group who live authentic, value driven lives. They’ve evolved through challenges and wins in both their personal and professional lives and they’ve found strength in communities of people who are all also ‘staying in the room’ and having real conversations about what matters most to them.

Welcome all you passionate, imperfect folk to the conversation.

I can’t wait to share more with you!


Ailsa Robson is a woman who has ditched diet culture and loves to move her body with sass and without apology. She’s also a Psychotherapist in private practice who offers Walk and Talk Therapy, an Author, a Health At Every Size® (HAES®) provider, and a mum to her daughters.


Her clients are intelligent, capable people who have a lot on their plates and feel stuck in certain aspects of their lives. They come to her to make mindset shifts. To have better, more loving and real relationships with others and to gain more confidence in themselves.


Connection is Ailsa’s currency, and she loves to expand her understanding of people’s experiences, by having meaningful conversations with like minded folk, professionals and peers.

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Hello, it’s Ailsa here, and this recording is a little bit of an insight into what I’ve noticed after having interviewed several people for my podcast, I set out wanting to talk about perfectionism and compassion, because it drives so much of my work and so much of my own personal self exploration as well.

And in doing so, I chose friends and peers and fabulous intelligent minds that I knew would also be interested on traveling on a little journey with me, and the conversations have been fairly loose. I have a certain amount of questions that I like to. Help shape the conversation, but often they go off onto all different tangents and that’s the beauty of people and conversations and synchronicities with each other’s lives.

But what I’ve found most is: That the people that I’ve interviewed have not set out to end up where they are, whether it’s personally or professionally. They haven’t started off as teenagers and said, I’m going to be a such and such at the end of this, and this is how my life is going to run.

It’s been really choppy changing.

Of course, a lot of ups and downs in life and people’s experiences then shape them and colour them, and I have noticed that the main thing is that each person that I’ve interviewed has really found that they’re living a values-driven life.

So they’re understanding what their values are.

In doing so, they’ve also begun to live more authentically and not living someone else’s life or somebody else’s expectation of how their life should be. So as they’ve done that, they’ve evolved. They’ve evolved both professionally and personally and along the way. They’ve had much success and lots of failures too.

And the beauty of the failures is that they’ve taught them even more so about their values and what’s important to them and who’s important to them and what matters in their life. So as they’ve progressed, they’ve been living a more congruent life, and along the way they’ve also they’ve honed in on communities of people that support those same views. And I guess that, I’m, part of those communities. And we have had these beautiful conversations that have led us to talk about transformation and to be vulnerable, especially when it comes to perfectionism and compass, there’s so much self-worth that comes up along the those lines.

And and we’ve all had to stay in the room, stay in some difficult moments and, fight back our imposter syndrome and fight back our inner critics, or tend to our inner critics because sometimes that’s even more so important. Yeah, I’ve been very interested to see who I’ve been drawn to and who’s drawn to me.

And if this is something that sounds familiar to you and you would like to come and have a conversation with me, it’s a simple zoom chat then I would love to, I’d love to hear from you and find out exactly. You know what you are about. So evolve with me. Come and play. Come and have a conversation and we’ll see where it leads us.

Thank you. Bye.

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Ailsa Robson has a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Adelaide and consults with clients in Stirling and Glenelg, SA as well as online. She has a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is the author of Perfectly Imperfect.