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First published by Ailsa Robson · 19 August 2018 ·

You may be letting go right now…

Letting a person and/or a love go. Or maybe an idea of how your life was ‘meant’ to be, ties that are too restrictive, or a mindset that no longer serves you.

Transformation requires some things to end.
New patterns, partnerships and purpose in life need space.
Giving thanks for what is ending is important.
Celebrate what was good and acknowledge the ending.
Being able to accept the change in your life can bring you much peace.
Moving forward with that peace in your heart will help you to stay true to yourself.
I wish you compassion throughout this time.
I am always available to listen to your story and explore what it means to you.
Psychotherapy sessions by appointment: via Skype, in my consulting room or walk and talk therapy.
In the meantime may you find some peace in the beauty of sunsets 🌅
Love Ailsa x
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